Landscape Study of Field-Portable DUID Screening Products


Published June 2020

The NIJ CJTEC’s Landscape Study of Field-Portable DUID Screening Products provides an overview of on- and near-market field-portable screening products that may enable law enforcement’s efforts to advance justice in the investigation of cases involving driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). The report offers insights into implementation of two product categories that help support an officer’s observations during these investigations: physical and cognitive screening products to assess impairment, as well as chemical products to screen for the presence of drugs in an individual’s oral fluid, breath, or sweat. The document provides law enforcement agencies with a survey of currently available and emerging screening products; additionally, the text highlights key benefits, limitations, and procurement considerations for these products informed by interviews with DUID experts. This report will help readers understand if field-portable DUID screening products can benefit their organization and how to proceed with selecting and implementing such products.


CJTEC’s Rebecca Shute and Tyler Ovington summarize key findings from the Landscape Study on Field Portable Screening Products.


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