For Current CTP Participants

Track Your Application

If your product’s CTP application is pending, you can follow-up on its progress.

Autoloading pistols

Ballistic-resistant body armor

Stab-resistant body armor

After Your Product is Certified

Check the NIJ Compliant Product List for all NIJ CTP compliant products.

The NIJ Compliant Product List contains information on autoloading pistols, ballistic-resistant body armor, stab-resistant body armor, and combination armor (products that meet requirements for both ballistic and stab-resistant body armor standards) that have been certified by the NIJ.

Review the NIJ’s Safety Notices.

If any potential or confirmed safety concerns arise after a product has been posted to the NIJ’s Compliant Product List, the NIJ will issue a notice to the law enforcement community.

Determine whether to add the NIJ Certification mark to your product.

The NIJ Certification mark may only be used on specific models of ballistic-resistant body armor that have both demonstrated compliance with NIJ Standard-0101.06 and participated in the Follow-Up Inspection and Testing (FIT) program.

Learn about the Follow-Up and Inspection Testing (FIT) program.

To give criminal justice practitioners additional confidence in the products they use, the NIJ CTP has implemented surveillance of manufacturers through the FIT program.

Help your manufacturing facility conform to BA 9000.

If you are a manufacturer of ballistic-resistant body armor, you can reduce your frequency of surveillance inspections through the FIT program if your quality management system (QMS) is certified as conforming to BA 9000.

Keep up-to-date on the CTP’s Administrative Clarifications.

The NIJ CIP issues administrative clarifications on an as-needed basis when questions arise from CTP participants.

All active CTP participants will be notified when new clarifications are released.

Need help or have questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about the Compliance Testing Program, contact the NIJ CTP.