November 29th, 2020 - Albert Lea, Minnesota

Published November 29th, 2020

An Albert Lea, Minnesota police officer was one of three people, including two civilians, who were shot by a 21-year-old suspect on Sunday. Officers responded to a reported call of possible gunshots or fireworks discharged at 2:18 a.m. Upon arrival in the parking lot of the apartment complex, they were ambushed by the shooter, who opened fire on the officers from a third-floor apartment. One of the responding officers was shot in the chest, but was wearing body armor, which stopped the round. Two civilian bystanders were also shot, and a squad car was struck by several rounds. The responding officers were able to retreat and seek cover until additional backup could arrive. After a resulting eight-hour standoff, the suspect was taken into custody. Charges are pending completion of an investigation into why the shooter opened fire. The injured officer and civilian bystanders were taken to local hospitals, where they were treated and released.