June 12th, 2024 – Ogle County, Illinois

Published June 12th, 2024

Three deputies with the Ogle County, Illinois, Sheriff's Department (OCSD) were shot Wednesday morning. Just before 9 a.m. Wednesday, deputies with the OCSD were contacted by an individual who was concerned about a family member who had made statements about committing suicide and/or attempting to kill others. OCSD deputies responded to the home of the individual who allegedly made these statements, and after repeated attempts to contact them with no response, a SWAT team was called in to secure the scene and protect nearby residents. After continued attempts to contact the occupant of the home, around 12pm, members of the SWAT team entered the residence, where they were immediately met with gunfire that struck three deputies. Deputies returned fire, striking and seriously wounding an individual, later identified as the resident who allegedly made the threats to harm himself and others. Deputies discovered multiple firearms, a fixed-blade knife, pepper spray, and ballistic armor inside the residence.

The injured deputies and the resident that was shot were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. One deputy was struck in the bullet-resistant vest he was wearing, another deputy was shot in the upper arm, and the third deputy was struck in the face. Two of the three deputies were treated and released that afternoon. The third deputy was airlifted to another hospital where he underwent surgery but is expected to recover. The individual shot by police underwent surgery for his injuries and is also expected to recover. The Illinois State Police are continuing the investigation into this incident and the officer-involved shooting.